21 May 2019

Unlocking Your Competitive Advantage: Empowering Mobile Solutions with the Hybrid Cloud

As the digital and automated facets of our world grow ever-present, businesses have been finding new ways to stay ahead of the curve while simultaneously addressing their current IT challenges. Now, a growing number of companies are finding that the latest and greatest digital transformation tool can be described with a single word: mobility. Put simply, technological and business mobility means that you can use and access your critical information, data and applications untethered. Offering ample opportunity for augmented digital operations with reduced friction, mobility grants the best of consistency, efficiency and engagement, all while providing an overall more hassle-free, seamless experience to boot. In fact, mobility has created such a buzz in the business world that statistics forecast that worldwide enterprise mobility management (EMM) revenues will reach $16.69 billion in 2021.

When combined with cloud computing, a truly game-changing business strategy is born. As businesses are seeking new ways to work mobility-friendly processes into their day-to-day operations, they find that they need an environment that offers high performance, scalability and efficiency to enable the easy data access that mobility depends on. The hybrid cloud, specifically, has become a winning strategy. With the benefits of mobility properly and fully expressed, businesses can create a cohesive and effective framework that keeps every critical element connected at all times.

Mobility Applications

Nowadays, mobility’s applications are practically endless. First and foremost, mobility offers a multitude of opportunities to improve the cornerstone of business: customer experience. As just one example of how mobility improves this facet of business, one report commissioned by Samsung revealed that 39 percent of the 500 managers and executives that were surveyed believe that mobile-friendly processes promote better collaboration and productivity. 35 percent of the same respondents noted an improvement in the quality of the work accomplished. By focusing on mobility, employees are empowered to be more productive simply because they can more easily and seamlessly perform critical tasks and functions. Unified communications with the use of mobile phones and other devices means a more streamlined process and heightened continuity, both of which are critical for maintaining a competitive edge. Overall, mobility-friendly business frameworks facilitate improved productivity, quicker decision-making and increased satisfaction across the board.

However, this is not to say that implementing mobility is a breeze. Across all these applications, the most critical component for success lies in the ability to access all pertinent data across a wider range of devices and locations, which can be a difficult order to fill. The most promising solution? The hybrid cloud.

Implementing Mobility with the Hybrid Cloud

The hybrid cloud offers the best of private and public clouds (scalability, security, cost savings and more), but most importantly, this strategy delivers much-needed agility and flexibility, allowing enterprises to support growing and changing digital business transformations. Adapting and remaining nimble is critical for any business in this contemporary era, but especially as mobility gains momentum, being able to pivot easily is indispensable. Essentially, the hybrid cloud enables applications, workloads and assorted data to move and operate across boundaries (on-premises and off) and architectures with one common data management system, making mobility easy.

Of course, changing the trajectory of business operations to include an entire new architecture is no small task, and in fact can be quite daunting. Luckily, experts are available to help. MOD Mission Critical is well-versed in helping businesses adopt the hybrid cloud frameworks that empower their mobile future, making them the perfect trusted partner to help with the transition. As a cloud service provider offering international cloud strategies and best-of-breed services, MOD ensures enterprises are staying ahead of the curve by helping them harnessing the best of mobility, all through a single managed service agreement (MSA).

Of course, MOD delivers these top-tier services with boutique-level care and individualized attention that makes each business’s requirements a unique priority. Getting to the hybrid cloud and going mobile has never been easier than with MOD’s bespoke solutions. To meet every need, MOD ensures provides a one-stop-shop for access to over 100,000 network Points of Presence (PoPs), products from over 800 suppliers and connections to 400 carriers in 200 data centers and deep experience from deploying networks across over 80 countries. Plus, businesses  can relax as they go through the process knowing that MOD’s support technicians are available around the clock to help troubleshoot.

As the digital world expands and enables applications that help every business create amplified user enjoyment and productivity, no enterprise should be left behind due to the intimidation of moving to the cloud. If enterprises ally themselves with a great partner, expressing the benefits of mobility doesn’t have to include damaging setbacks or uncertainty. With MOD’s fully managed solutions, industry-leading service, customer-first approach and real human touch, organizations can rest assured that they’ll be fully mobile in no time and more capable than ever before.

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