28 Apr 2020

Zero Trust: Setting the new standard for enterprise security — but it may not be enough

Data security statistics for businesses can be anxiety inducing. In 2019, the U.S. alone suffered more than 1,400 breaches, exposing nearly 165 million records. Furthermore, IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report observes that across 507 organizations in 16 geographies and 17 unique industries, these events cost enterprises an average of $3.92 million. 

Business’s increasing reliance on digital strategies not only means that data is becoming a more critical asset, it means that data is also subject to expanding risk. Not only do data breaches or jeopardize revenue, they can also create a long-lasting (and sometimes debilitating) impact on customer trust and market reputation. To avoid these risks, the industry has made strides to overcome the outdated castle-and-moat ideology, which creates vulnerabilities by assuming that the only threats are outside the organization, instead implementing zero trust strategies — but this isn’t enough. While zero trust overcomes many previous security weak points by serving as both an externally and internally-facing solution, increasingly complex business footprints and IT architectures mean that even zero trust may not offer enough holistic protection. 

Today, businesses are spread across more distributed and global footprints, utilizing clouds and offering BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or remote work options. Zero trust does support these digital transformations by validating every user regardless of their relation to the business, validating every device used and ensuring privileged access control is in place. Yet, to truly secure the network from end-to-end as remote business capabilities become commonplace,  authentication protocols, monitored network patterns and traffic inspection need to be augmented with a strategy that adds an extra layer of insulation for the more diverse attack points that now exist. In order to cover every angle — no matter where the business information goes, whether it’s in an office or at home for remote work — more measures are needed that focus on home networks. 

There are some options in the market today for optimizing zero trust and adding an extra layer of protection against attack, and the ideal methods center around moving the attack point itself. This means shifting the exit IP away from the core network, making it very difficult for attackers to target the user. Tools such as browser plugins are beginning to gain traction for these capabilities — they’re simple to install and some even allow users to select browsing regions to further tailor the security strategy to their needs. 

The same service can even be applied to voice calling or mobile messaging, utilizing the attack point strategy to allow users to manage single or multiple phone numbers directly from a central application and create entirely encrypted voice capabilities. For messaging, these services allow SMS users to securely send and receive messages from a single browser from phone numbers anywhere in the world. For distributed footprints that necessitate using a range of home or external networks, this type of thorough attack point solution is absolutely vital for creating true end-to-end protection. With this, individuals can browse the internet, send messages and make calls without worrying about any holes in their digital armor while the business as a whole leverages the living, evolving insights that zero trust adds to help anticipate, protect against and overcome breaches. 

While data security is a paramount concern for most businesses, creating this comprehensive and holistic approach requires insight, expertise, time and the right resources. What’s more, aligning this in-depth strategy with growing and transforming global business IT architectures can make the task even tougher. This is why allying with a trusted managed service partner is the best way to efficiently and easily ensure that security is at its strongest. 

MOD Mission Critical, a managed service provider that offers expert insight, boutique-level attention and bespoke solutions, is ready to serve as that security partner. MOD is dedicated to helping customers achieve zero trust strategies and implement attack point solutions with the added benefits of a human touch, wholesale rates and access to 400 carriers, 200 data centers, 37 managed Points of Presence, countless on-net buildings and more. Offering a full suite of unified communications security services, MOD is the ideal partner for this important security transformation. 

The landscape of data threats will continue to evolve as the world becomes increasingly dependent on virtual means, but zero trust represents the latest and greatest solution for keeping enterprises protected. With the most advanced measures in place, businesses can focus their attention on strategic goals and growth while enjoying greater peace of mind. 
To learn more about MOD’s managed services, please visit www.modmc.net.

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20 Sep 2019

Mitigating Fear, Safeguarding Information: Unlocking the Secret to Secure Data

Technology is one of the most powerful forces in business success and transformation today, driving new avenues of value delivery, access to new markets, increased consumer satisfaction and augmented experience — the list goes on. When a business has evolved, learned and grown so much over the years, adapting and integrating emerging technologies and new strategies, the last thing it wants is to have is all of its hard work undercut. Yet, data breaches and cybersecurity are a looming threat to the growing number of enterprises operating in the digital sphere, with many organizations struggling to find ways to feel truly protected against malicious attacks. 

To date, the globe’s biggest data breach exposed personal information associated with 3 billion accounts. Of course, cybersecurity calamities like these pose huge financial setbacks for businesses, with the global average cost of data breaches in 2019 reaching $3.92 million. This loss of revenue and competitive advantage can mean that smaller entities are meeting their premature end as a result of data insecurity. However, the most critical pitfall is the lasting damage inflicted on the reputation and client trust that enterprises work so hard to build. In an increasingly competitive market where other providers are just a click away for customers, client trust and satisfaction are vital to maintain. 

While the digital age presents many benefits, it also ensures that bad news travels farther, faster. Events like data breaches are not soon forgotten, penetrating the minds and market choices of clients and end-users more powerfully than ever before. Especially when a growing amount of sensitive information (such as that used by healthcare, finance, and education) is being stored, accessed and shared online, the stakes are only getting higher. As a result, creating a thorough and conscientious data protection plan is paramount. 

Although the synopsis may appear bleak, hope is not lost. It’s true that the threat of cyber hacks and data breaches is expanding, but there are ways that enterprises can better safeguard their critical information for the future. Making a concerted point to implement business-wide best practices and equip the team with the proper tools and procedures to maintain data protection is the secret to avoiding costly and disastrous points of security weakness. To amplify this success, MOD Mission Critical offers managed services that put businesses in the driver’s seat and put the power back in the hands of those that need it. 

With high levels of expertise, inclusive and predictable flat fees and scalable subscription models, MOD’s managed services ensure that next-level security strategies are seamlessly supported and risk is effectively mitigated. Plus, with one of the cornerstones of MOD’s service promise being a real human touch and boutique-level attention, every business requirement is carefully considered and a bespoke solution is formulated for unique needs. MOD helps businesses augment their security by leveraging access to 400 carriers, 200 data centers, 37 managed Points of Presence, countless on-net buildings and beyond, all at wholesale rates.

It’s true, digital business strategies can create a heightened chance of damaging security events. However, with the proper tools and support, enterprises can rest assured that they are effectively doing their due diligence, safeguarding against financial and reputational repercussions and mitigating risk. Delivering preemptive solutions and future-proof strategies to help keep data more secure than ever, MOD is a trusted partner to businesses looking to bolster their data management and protect against hacks and breaches.

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